Men’s Health

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Approximately 50% of men aged 40-70 are affected by ED. That is 1 in 5 men age 40+ that suffer from it. ED has become increasingly more common, and although treatment options are more accessible, the out-of-pocket cost aren’t always affordable. We rise up to the challenge of  providing quality ED medications at an affordable price.

SILDENAFIL (active ingredient in Viagra)
  • 50mg, 100mg 
  • $2/TABLET         
  • $60 FOR 30 TABLETS
TADALAFIL RAPID DISSOLVE TABLETS (active ingredient in Cialis)
  • 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg
  • $5/TABLET
  • $50 FOR 10 TABLETS
  • $95 FOR 30 TABLETS
TADALAFIL  TABLETS (active ingredient in Cialis)
  • 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg and are priced
  • $5/TABLET
  • $50 FOR 10 TABLETS
  • $95 FOR 30 TABLETS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why doesn’t insurance cover ED treatment?
    More often than not, insurance providers do not cover the cost of oral ED medications. Insurance coverage of ED medications depends on the type of treatment prescribed. If there is a documented medical condition responsible for your ED, insurance might cover some of the cost. For more information on your insurance coverage, please contact your insurance provider.
  • What causes ED?
    Finding the cause of ED can help to treat the problem. ED can be the result of a serious underlying health condition or can be caused by psychological factors like stress and anxiety.

Hormone Replacement

It’s natural for men’s testosterone levels to decrease as they get older. Testosterone is required for:

  • male sexual development
  • reproductive function
  • building muscle bulk
  • maintaining healthy levels of red blood cells
  • maintaining bone density

We offer a number of customized testosterone therapy solutions for men including:

  • Pills
  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Injections

Dietary Support

The key to maintaining youth and good health in aging men is a healthy diet with smaller portions, less processed food and minimal alcohol consumption to minimize health issues. We carry a variety of professional-grade vitamins and supplements which our pharmacists will discuss with you in detail and assist you in making selections best suited for your vitamin regimen.